even after all she's done (seducingdetour) wrote in musicicontest,
even after all she's done

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I am going to edit this with awards.

they are all ties

1st place
asphyxiate for

& leenie_icons for

2nd place
onsunset for

& me for

3rd place
dioratwar for

& iconlicker for

most unique iconlicker for

and this weeks challenge is A Perfect Circle
here are the pictures

I am thinking of making another icon challenge community, but for a specific band. I have narrowed it down to an apc/tool one or an evanescence one, would any of you join either of these if i made it?
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I would I love APC and Tool.
as would I.
I would certainly join an APC/Tool community.
Holy crap! *faints* You guys/gals all rock. *blush*